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Geelong nutritionist, helping you achieve optimal health through personalised nutrition, lifestyle strategies and using the science of behaviour change to help healthy habits stick.


I’m Mel

I am a degree qualified nutritionist, as well as having qualifications in exercise science. I have a background of working in clinical nutrition, health promotion, corporate health and sports management.

What I Do

Nutrition Consultations

A personalised consultation can help you reach optimal health. Find out more about what to expect in a 1-1 nutrition consultation.

Life! Program

Free evidence-based healthy living program. Focuses on making healthy habits stick. Funded by Victorian Government for eligible participants.

Corporate Seminars

These fun and interactive seminars will boost your employees health knowledge, wellbeing and your organisations productivity.


Boosting protein through the day
Boosting protein through the day

So why should you care about protein? Protein is important for a number of reasons. A few of which include: It keeps you full for longer, and reduces cravings - therefore very useful for weight loss It keeps your blood glucose levels stable - no energy crashes...

Best Yoghurts for Gut Health
Best Yoghurts for Gut Health

Is anyone else confused by yoghurts? There are so many available now it’s sometimes hard to know what to look for – should you go for high protein, low sugar, high probiotics…the list goes on! Hopefully this will help demystify the yoghurt...

Glazed Ginger, Oyster & Soy Salmon
Glazed Ginger, Oyster & Soy Salmon

I consider this a “gateway” salmon. If you have any fussy salmon eaters then this one should covert them.   Oily fish such as salmon (tuna, sardines, mackerel) are high in omega 3 fats which our body can’t make - this is why they’re known as “essential”...

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