Corporate Workshops & Seminars

Nutrition corporate health workshops and seminars are a fantastic way to increase employee productivity, engagement, creativity and focus.

The focus is on ensuring they are practical, fun and interactive. Participants will walk away with increased skills and knowledge to make sustainable changes to their health that they can incorporate into their busy lifestyles.


40 minute to 1 hour workshops are suggested to fit into your employees lunch break. 

Longer workshops or seminars can be designed upon request.


Topics can be tailored to your requirements, however here are some popular topics:

  • Energy Boosting Snacks
  • Eating for Optimal Energy
  • Nourish Your Gut – Foods for Great Gut Health
  • Food & Mood
  • Navigating Food Labels
  • Mastering Meal Planning
  • Fuelling for Sport & Exercise
  • Helping to Control Type 2 Diabetes with Food
  • Tips & Tools for Healthy Weight Management
  • Managing Stress through Nutrition
  • Boosting Immunity with Food


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