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The link between menopause and type 2 diabetes

Oh great you say…what else does menopause have in store for us. Stay with me because there is stuff you can do about it… Oestrogen is a sex hormone found in larger amounts in females than in males, which declines in females as we approach and reach menopause....

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Quinoa, Snow Pea & Asparagus Salad

I love a good salad. Especially one that you can make a bulk batch of and it will keep a few days ready to add to lunches to make the weekly meal planning run smoother. What you need: Quinoa (cooked) - around 1-2 cups depending how much you want to make Asparagus...

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Fruit Crumble Muesli Slice

This fruit crumble muesli slice hits the spot. The great news is that it also freezes well so you can save some for later, and the gluten free version holds together nicely - I did however still use oats, but you could use quinoa flakes. I made mine with fresh plums...

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Greens with Feta & Almonds

These greens are super easy to prepare. Heat extra virgin olive oil in a large fry pan, ad broccolini, chilli flakes (optional) & grated lemon rind. Stir until lightly cooked & pop in bowl. Next, in the same pan, stirfry asparagus spears, and bok choy. Put all...

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